Feb 03 2020

Topping up with Cherry Trees at Hedley Hall Wood.

Cherry Tree planting at Hedley Hall Wood.

Volunteers met on 11th January 2020 at the Hedley Hall Wood car park on the County Durham / Gateshead border to top-up some of the 50,000 trees planted over the previous winter with some cherry trees. The initial planting in the east section of Hedley Hall Wood was completed last winter by volunteers from businesses who support The Woodland Trust and by students from local schools. Contractors then took over and completed the planting.

While trees planted in the west section of the site mostly have tube and stake protection, we were working in the east section of the wood and our planting there is protected from deer damage by high perimeter fencing combined with rabbit proof lower sections.

Deer proof fencing.          Cherry Trees

The cherry trees that had recently been delivered were about 1 metre tall and already had a large root network, which was great for young trees on this exposed location, but meant that planting them involved a relatively large hole for our volunteers to dig, as well as having to take care to keep them vertical and then ensure they were tamped securely in place.

Cherry Tree in the ground.      The size of these cherry trees.  Happy volunteers.

Despite the very strong winds that day, the weather remained dry and the soil was ‘clean and healthy’ with plenty of worms!

Hedley Hall Wood map.

The group worked steadily and an end of day count showed that we had planted 260 cherry trees, so a successful day!

Planting volunteers.

A big thank you to our volunteers and Mark from Living Woods NE, who ensured that we were kept busy but also learning as we worked.

Report by Alan Wallace, Volunteer Leader.

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  • Richard Wilson

    The new planting is looking like a woodland now as the trees are getting their heads above the surrounding grasses and this summer, with their leaves on, they were viable from the road. Thank you to all those who have been involved with this project.

    September 18, 2020 at 10:50 am

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