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Feb 03 2020

Emergency Tree Plan for the UK

Campaign for massive woodland expansion

Today we have launched our plan to increase tree cover across the UK and tackle the climate and nature crises.

It’s called the Emergency Tree Plan and you can take action here:


Here’s the background:


The Committee on Climate Change states that the UK needs 1.5 million hectares of additional woodland by 2050 to help hit the net zero carbon emissions target. Trees and woods can help to fight climate change by storing carbon, keeping it locked up for centuries. But increasing tree cover needs to happen faster and at a far greater scale than ever before – and crucially – needs to be sustained over several decades.


We have set out our vision for how the UK can increase tree cover and help to tackle both the nature crisis and the global climate crisis in our Emergency Tree Plan. The plan challenges and inspires all levels of government and beyond to address the climate and nature emergency through trees and woods. Tree planting, natural regeneration, sustainable forestry and trees on farms and in community spaces all have a role.


Each country has an individual campaign action to suit their plans so everyone can take part.


Please take the action and share it with your representatives and peers, both in person and on social media.

You can read the full report here:

If you have any questions about the Emergency Tree Plan, please get in touch at:


Thank you. 


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