Jan 24 2020

Finding colour in the winter landscape

Volunteers at Hucking Estate found this interesting spectacle in the site community orchard last week – we believe it could be Trentepohlia sp. (an algae rather than lichen, but has a symbiotic relationship with lichen) which is more commonplace on ash bark and other trees.  Assistant site manager Claire Inglis has shared the pictures with us to ask if you can confirm our identification.  Please add a comment below the story if you can.

Felled Ash

These pictures were taken following rainfall, in the drier weather it looks more orange. If this algae ID is correct, then it seems it’s been previously identified in the Weald, but not on the North Downs where Hucking Estate is located.

Trentepohlia sp. in the dry


Trentepohlia sp. after rain scaled


Thank you to our community orchard volunteer, Raymond Kenward, for sharing these photos with us.  We hope you enjoy seeing its intensely red colouration on a grey winter’s day!

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