Jan 14 2020

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newsletter January 2020

It is of course possible that the prospect of a morning’s energetic “groundworks” was the reason for our number being reduced to the usual stalwarts: John and Chris, George, Jay,  Richard, and David. Special credit should go to Bev who came despite having to leave early to get changed for a funeral.

Surprisingly, the Beehive area was pretty dry and two and a half hours work achieved removal of the remaining tree stump and levelling of the site. This is now ready for the transplanting of Brian’s grafted apples tree from his tree nursery in two month’s time. The only other remaining tasks are re-stablishing the path by the new wall and replacing the temporary  barrier at the end of the pergola with a short section of railings hard up against the new wall. This will allow a new walk to be opened up  without risking excited children falling over the retaining wall at the end of the pergola.

John and Jay attacking the final tree root

We really have made a lot of progress in the past year and a half and while things look rather bare now that will soon change in the Spring. We  also need to think about what  bee-friendly espaliers or current bushes used to be  grown on the wall bounding the railway line.


June 2017 (props still holding up the wall!)            January 2020

There is little else to report this month except that your Hon Sec was asked very recently to provide a letter of support for the Trust’s application for a grant to support more work by contractors on the BK site. There are a number of things which, without such professional help, several of us will not live to see completed – so fingers crossed!

The next volunteer tasks are clearing leaves and then gravelling all four sets of steps plus replacing one or two of the Primrose steps and yes – since you ask – your committee has decide to name all  the BK steps  so there is no confusion about where we are working.

“Well done. I wondered how long it would take you to realise that, Pike” There are of course two others yet to be named – answers on a post card……….


Next working party February 1st 2020

Thanks to Chris for sending  in the newsletter

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