Jan 09 2020

Volunteer update From Ross Kennerley

We are very lucky in the South West as there are currently over 500 volunteer roles undertaken in the South West alone across 22 specific roles covering a range of activities. Too many to mention here but here is a taster

We have site based volunteers involved in the more traditional work in our woods where a significant number of hours have been dedicated on a range of tasks from monitoring species to coppicing.

We have volunteers looking into the history of our woods to help gain a better understanding of the past and how the woods featured in the landscape. Another volunteer has painstakingly gone through a gentleman’s nature diary enabling 250 historical records to be added onto the Nature’s Calendar database

The purchase of Fingle in Dartmoor 5 years ago led to two conservations charities (The Woodland Trust and National Trust) working side by side in partnership for the first time. A volunteer brought her expertise to formally review how this partnership was working,  giving direction on how we can work more efficiently together.

The support we have received at a range of events over the years has been fantastic enabling us to speak to so many people about how important woods and trees.

So whether you are volunteering in the woods or at home (or somewhere in between) we just want to say a big Thank you to you all for your hard work and dedication

For more information on the volunteer roles please take a look at this https://whittle.woodlandtrust.org.uk/2019/09/20/what-different-roles-can-volunteers-do/

We will be running volunteer get-together’s again this year. We have made some changes based of valuable feedback from our volunteers who have attended the events which were run in previous years. This year they will have the same theme of ancient and veteran  trees, how to spot and record them.

Thank you to each and every one of our volunteers for everything that you do for us

Ross Kennerley Regional Director and the South West Team

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