Jan 07 2020

County Durham Scouts supporting their local woods.

A team of 16 scouts from Consett supported the Woodland Trust on a cold and snowy December day at our Four Lane Ends Wood and Castle Hill Wood locations in North West Durham.

Located near to the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty means that these sites can see some winter weather ahead of our more sheltered locations and Saturday 14th December was no exception.

The Scouts at the start of the day.

Although the weather was a bit cool, following a safety briefing about the use of the tools, the boys and girls of the Consett Scouts worked steadily throughout the morning straightening the tubes and stakes at our Four Lane Ends Wood. Following this the team planted a single Rowan tree which was donated by the Woodland Trust.

The afternoon involved speaking about the how and why we coppice Hazel followed by a practical session when two Hazel were worked on – one successfully fully coppiced and protected with a deer barrier then the other was well underway and maybe ready for a return visit later in the season.


This was the first visit by the Consett Scouts and it is hoped that they and some of the younger members of their group will now visit the wood on a regular basis for their tree and plant identification tasks as well as walking through these and our other woods in the area.

Report by Alan Wallace, Volunteer Leader, Castle Hill and Derwent Head Woods.

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