Dec 19 2019

A Christmas message from Carol Evans, Director of Woodland Trust Scotland

Carol Evans, Woodland Trust Scotland Director, has sent this Christmas message to all volunteers in Scotland:


Scottish Tree of the Year 2019 awards, held at the Scottish Parliament December 17th 2019, For those of you who don’t know her, Carol is in the centre in the cream jacket, surrounded by Scotland team staff and John Finney MSP, who hosted the event.


Dear Volunteers,


What an amazing year we have had in Scotland. Amongst many other things, we bought our first mountain, Ben Shieldaig over in Torridon, 1500 ha to get to grips with. I’m looking forward to a Woodland Working Group being set up there to help us make it all happen. We had our wonderful ospreys raise two chick up at Loch Arkaig and thanks to our volunteers watching every second of the season, people from all over the world were able to watch the whole thing. Over 64, 600 people watched them, logging on 435,529 times, I think many people were well and truly hooked!


After 5 years of work, we had the translocation of 20 red squirrels and twin flower into Ledmore and Migdale woods up in the Highlands. It’s our volunteers who are now tracking their progress and capturing squirrel movements, often on camera. Just wonderful to see both species return to this area.


We held our first volunteer conference in Birnam which I just loved. Such a feel good couple of days and so well organised by Matilda and the team. If you were there, I‘m sure you’ll agree it was a success and if you were unable to make it, Matilda says she’ll do another one in a year or two, one to watch!


We’ve all been planting trees all over Scotland, what a great way to respond to the Climate Emergency, finally the value of trees is getting recognition.


We have 2,849 volunteers across the UK doing 3621 roles. In Scotland we have 338 volunteers doing 412 roles.  I have 13 of my own volunteers in my Advisory Group for Scotland and they are just great to work with.


You do know that we can’t do what we do without you? I certainly hope you do know that as it’s so true. There’s about 37 people working in the Scotland team, a few more if you include the wider team who live in Scotland and report into head office in Grantham. You can easily see how volunteers enable us to do the work we need to do.


So I’d like to thank you for everything you do for and with us and wish you a very Happy Christmas and let’s all have a truly great 2020, who knows what we could achieve next year!


Very best wishes,

Carol Evans, Director for Scotland



Carol on the right, with team member Judy Hills, both very happy on a recent sunny, frosty, tree planting day at Kinclaven Bluebell Wood after we’d planted 3150 trees with volunteers!



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