Dec 17 2019

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newsletter December 2019

Well we did not cancel the working party on the 12th this time, and the heavy rain did stop just in time, but it was still enough to deter the majority and produce our lowest ever turn out of three,( later augmented by Bev and Martyn to 5). It was very wet underfoot though. Levelling the beehive area, which had been on the agenda, was clearly out so instead we set to work on the steps from the new seat to the great oak. In fact Richard and David who had started these in October were able to add another two steps and gravel them. Plenty more bags to add to  all the other steps after Christmas.


Having run out of wood for more steps we started to clear the railings in front of the oak .We had been asked to do this by Joe so that from the seat visitors could see all of the tree. We had thought these railings were just covered in ivy but beneath this there was a very solid fence, which had been wired on to it. The wood was in remarkable condition showing no rot all. Why it was added and when is a complete mystery. Perhaps not surprisingly we found the railings underneath were in near perfect condition. (Ready for you to give it a coat of Hammerite in January George!)


You can see the pile of wood on the left……………… .the view from the oak showing part of the line of bricks

Archaeologist Bev having arrived, he immediately set to work and discovered that there was course of brickwork below the railings, again quite why is another mystery.

One surprising development since last month is that the flats have decided to plant a boundary hedge. Sadly, rather than plant this behind the existing bramble hedge they have grubbed the latter out! Not only are the flats now very visible but it will be many years before the “quicks” regain the same height as the original bramble!

Es ist nichts schrecklicher als eine tätige Unwissenheit.  J.W. von Goethe, Maximen und Reflexionen

Still no news on the Casa Mia planning application but keep your eyes open. Last time they resubmitted their revised plans on Dec 21st 2018!

Other news

Most of you will have seen Joe Middleton’s starring role in CountryFile two weeks ago and some of us went down a week later to see the Avoncliffe Wood, which had been the subject of his excellent part of the programme. It was just as well that the Hon. Sec. had a spare seat in his car as Joe had had an accident the day before and had  torn the ligaments in one of his ankles so was on crutches; sadly he had to spend the morning propping up the bar while we were looking at the wood and planting trees!

Regional Volunteer get together at Freshford. Amanda introducing with  Regional Manager Ross in the background

You should all have had the Volunteer News sheet from the Trust which seems to be developing nicely. It is good that there is now a SW England section

So Happy Christmas to one and all and we hope to see an exceptional turn out on January 11th 2020.  Note we have deferred the usual date by one week  to ensure you are fully recovered from your various festivities

Hon. Sec.

P.S. Could I suggest that an appropriate New Year Resolution for members would  be     To look at the Whittle website at least once a month”? If you have lost your password please contact Amanda <>

Once again many thanks to Chris for this news letter

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