Dec 13 2019

Skipton Volunteer Update 13th Dec 2019

Hello all

Firstly, I would like to thank all of our Skipton volunteers very much for your support this year – I very much appreciate the time you give to the Trust and to Skipton Woods, we couldn’t do it without you and the woodland is looking fabulous despite the weather.

Here are a few news items for you to keep you in the loop as we head into 2020. As always if you have any questions please do get in touch.


  • Thank you to Oliver, Jim, Gavin, Terry and tutor Louise for your 9 metres of walling repairs.   We had an email yesterday from the castle which stated “the boundary wall on the bailey looks excellent, in fact it’s the first time (ever) that we haven’t seen a breech” That’s praise indeed since they have resided at the castle since 1956!   Welcome to existing volunteers, Andrew Hoggarth and Robin Culver who have recently joined the wallers.
  • Welcome to our newest member of the volunteer team, Sharron Russell. Sharron is keen to join us for engagement and task days so please do say hello online if you see her.
  • All of our Skipton volunteers have now received updated hazard maps for the site.  There will be a laminated copy in the garage store once the refurbishment gets underway. The locks on the garage store have been replaced and we are back up to three with one spare. The missing map board on the Bailey has been replaced. Our contractor D&A landscapes will be clearing debris in the goit and the mill run off near the entrance before Christmas.

Thank you to all Skipton volunteers for all your suggestions around training. Over the next week I will confirm both the public event calendar and also the training calendar.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas

Hazel Birdsall- Visitor Experience Manager, Skipton

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