Dec 13 2019

Meet Erin… our Hazel award winner


Erin McKeown was awarded the Hazel award this year, unfortunately Erin was unable to make it to the awards ceremony so the award was collected on her behalf by fellow volunteer Peter Lyons (pictured)


The Hazel award recognises the contribution of a new volunteer that has joined the organisation within the last 12 months and made a significant impact.


Erin has been an exceptional volunteer at Belvoir Wood in Northern Ireland which has recently been designated as our Tree Charter pole location for planning greener local landscapes. Erin has made a significant impact in a number of ways. She regularly takes the time out (alongside her busy university studies in environmental conservation) to visit the site and report back to the team on woodland conditions and pick up any litter she can manage. Erin was also kind enough to do an interview piece for us in our regional summer Broadleaf magazine.


Erin leads by example and represents the Woodland Trust fantastically well when both on and off site. It is refreshing to see such enthusiasm for the environment in the younger generation and great to spend time with someone who is incredibly passionate about protecting green spaces for the benefit of the people and wildlife that use them.


As Erinā€™s volunteer manager and after seeing first-hand how much effort she has put into volunteering for us at Friends of Belvoir Wood over this past eight months. Recognising a younger audience in our volunteer awards is a great chance for us to encourage other young volunteers to join us and create a more diverse age range.



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