Dec 12 2019

Bramingham Woodland Working Group – our Willow award winners


Bramingham Woodland Working Group were the winners of this years Willow Awards.


This award is for woodland volunteer groups that have achieved exceptional results in their work carried out on our estate.


The Bramingham Woodland Working group tackle a wide range of woodland conservation and maintenance activities, but are also keen to jump in and lend a hand when requests for help are made.


Bramingham Wood is ancient woodland and without the efforts of the group the area would be lesser for it. They have work parties taking place on the site approximately every other weekend, with additional days during the week when possible, not to mention the site visits to tidy up jobs or check on things for the Site manager. The group are extremely knowledgeable about the wood and of conservation practices and this experience enables them to deliver the outcomes to a high standard. Conservation tasks vary, from coppicing of hazel and installing protection from herbivore browsing, to path clearance, construction of bespoke public access points and mapping site signage.


The group keep an eye out for any tree safety issues while working or visiting the woodland and subsequently inform the Site manager, always willing to meet on site to point out the potential issue. They do this along with flagging up other threats to the wood such as local developments, planning applications or anything else they feel may be a threat to the woodland.


They welcome new volunteers to the group – instantly making them at ease and a part of the team. They ensure all members are working safely and within the task outline and the entire woodland working group are keen to learn if training needs are identified. Two members of the group have agreed to undertake strimmer training this year which will be of benefit to the woodland, allowing them to maintain open areas and pathways.


The group were recently instrumental in removing a large group of Travellers from the adjacent Council owner meadow area. Members of the group kept us informed daily of any updates in the situation and continued to contact the Council and enforcement team to push and shorten the timescale for action. Additionally once the Travellers had moved on the group members took up the tasks of assessing any damage to the site and marking areas that required repair and assistance from WT contractors in sanitising certain parts of the woodland.

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  • JamesLow

    Well done Bramingham Woodland Group three times winners.

    December 12, 2019 at 9:09 pm

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