Dec 09 2019

Going nuts for squirrels!

On a wet, cold Sutherland morning, while many people are busy Christmas shopping, or lighting the fire to settle in to avoid an unpleasant day, a joint event run between Trees for Life and Woodland Trust Scotland at our most Northerly Wood, Ledmore and Migdale, took place to train members of the public to identify and report squirrel signs and sightings as a citizen science project around the recent translocation of the species.  Given the weather and the time of year, a turn out of a dozen or so would have been a great success to have a pool of people who will be providing lots of information to be used over the coming years.  As it turned out, over 30 people of all ages huddled in the car park ready to learn and do their bit for the squirrel cause.




Part of the hardy group on the day



This enthused group learned about squirrel foraging, dreys, sounds, and even how to tell a left handed squirrel from a right handed squirrel!  We spent nearly three hours out in the wood admiring the habitat, foraging sign, the willow weaved squirrels, making some good connections in the community, and will look forward to hearing what these people will find on their next adventures in the wood.


20 red squirrels in total were released into the wood as part of the partnership project with Trees for Life.  Here you can see some captured on the Trailcam.



Some beautiful artworks and interpretation have also been part of this project.



Ross Watson

North of Scotland Site Manager


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