Dec 06 2019

Our very own Joe Middleton will be on Countryfile This Sunday 8th December

Some very exciting news. A few weeks ago we welcomed the BBC filming crew at Avoncliff wood .

Our very own Joe Middleton site manager for the area will be on Countryfile this Sunday 8th December which shows on BBC 1 at 5:20 pm – 6:20 pm

Here is what the BBC website says about the episode :-


The team are in Wiltshire, where John Craven visits a wood that has been ravaged by ash dieback. It is being left to die so that researchers can learn more about the impact of the disease

Anita Rani meets a craftsman who is keeping the ancient art of bee skep making alive. She also takes a trip to a wildlife hospital where the warm late summer has seen a huge influx of young hedgehogs too weak to hibernate

Steve Brown pays a visit to one of Britain’s top wood engravers, Adam Henson is in Lincolnshire to see for himself the impact of the recent devastating floods, and Charlotte Smith investigates one of the most controversial methods of wildlife control, snaring’

Here are some photos of the day


Hope you enjoy the program

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  • Kay Crawford

    Good editing by BBC Countryfile giving Avoncliff Woods and the fact it coincides with a massive tree and shrub planting session is great news. Countryfile shows a Dormouse project and more in our lovely (but suffering form Ash Dieback) wood. Joe does a very detailed explanation why this wood is special and how we do need to unfortunately keep people out and allow the woodland to creep out as Ash Dieback does its worst. Lucky we have planted a new wood for them then!!

    December 10, 2019 at 4:31 pm

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