Nov 24 2019

Environmental management and Our Green Dragon…

Hello Everyone – I hope this finds you well.

Time for me to write about something other than Safety. *If you look closely at my job title, you’ll notice it also contains the word “Environment”….
Part of my role with the Trust is to look after our “Environmental Management System”  – our “EMS”. This includes things like:
  • Identifying our negative environmental impacts and considering how we go about managing them
  • Making sure we comply with relevant environmental legislation
  • Creating our Environment Strategy
  • Writing our Environment Policy
  • Supporting our Estate Team
  • Working with the Greening The Trust Group to support our colleagues in environmental matters
  • Emissions reporting
  • External representation with our peers
  • And many others
Now, clearly, safety is, and will remain, my priority. 
However that’s not to say I’ve been ignoring the other part of my job. 
Over the last 3 years my first priority was to ensure legal compliance. following that I’ve been working with the Greening the Trust Group, Facilities, Procurement and Management Team to develop things like our Environment Strategy, our Policy, compliance with ESOS, renewable energy, fleet choices and much more.
During 2019 its fair to say this part of my role has got bigger and more prominent. Not least because our Board of Trustees have, quite rightly, challenged us to prove that we are doing the right thing with our Environmental Performance Management.
Now, this is where it starts to get interesting. 
I’ve been working with a brilliantly skilled Environmental Specialist called Laura Steele to develop our Environmental Management System to a point where it will stand up to external scrutiny, be audited, and achieve an external kite mark. The Green Dragon Award.
I’m pleased to say that this will happen on the week beginning 25th November 2019. A little over two weeks away. 
The audit will start in our HQ on the Monday & Tuesday of that week before progressing to site visits in South Wales and the South West of England. 
Every aspect of our Environmental Management System will be examined from strategy to implementation. The site visits will confirm that we manage practical impacts such as pollution, prevention and control, environmental impact assessment, waste removal and more.
By the end of that week, if things go to plan, the Woodland Trust will be confidently able to tell anyone who challenges us that we are an environmentally sound organisation. That we understand the negative environmental impacts as well as the positive, and that we manage them to a standard that is externally recognized.
As part of this process I’m pleased to show you where you can find our Environmental Management System documentation. You can find it here in our Whittle Library,
You will find:
  • Our Environment Strategy
  • Our Environment Policy
  • A description of our EMS that includes 6 exciting environmental targets (subject to Board approval) set by our Management Team (Carbon Positive by December 2020 anyone?)
  • A new document that identifies all of the environmental legislation we have to comply with and how we do so
  • A complete register of every aspect of our business, what its negative environmental impact is, and how we go about managing it
  • Last years emissions report (next one due this coming December)
  • Legal compliance documents
And more to come…..
Going through the Green Dragon assessment is an excellent way to pull together all the great stuff we do, view it, catalog it and be confident in it.
When you get chance, please have a look at our EMS, make use of it and I’ll let you know how we go with our audit!
In the meantime I’ve attached a Dragon Timeline and scope so you can see what we’re aiming for, and how we got here.
Our Board has agreed that we are aiming for a level III award this year with more challenges to come….
Any questions, as always please shout.
All the best
Nick Hall
Health, Safety and Environement Manager
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