Nov 14 2019

New Starter: Volunteer Development Officer – Wales


A very big hello from myself!


I am delighted to be writing my first Whittle page and wanted to take this opportunity to explain who I am and what I hope to bring to the Wales Volunteer Team.


My interest in conservation began with a childhood kinship with Wentwood Forest as I was lucky enough to live close by to the site during my school years. As I recall fond memories of running through the forest in spring and being awestruck by the beauty of fields upon field of bluebells I feel extremely fortunate to have had this wonderful woodland on my door step.


As I grew older and inevitably took my first steps on the career ladder I found myself moving to London to work in a fast paced office based environment. Although I thoroughly enjoyed working in a busy and creative setting I couldn’t help feeling that as a result of moving away I was really missing something important in my life by for instance my weekend walks where I could hear nothing but bird song and the gentle ‘pitter-patter’ of the rain had been replaced by the busy hustle and bustle of inner city life.


During a particularly snowy and magical Boxing Day I revisited Wentwood with my family and sitting next to the ‘Curly Oak Tree’ the happiness I felt as a child came rushing back. It was then I decided I wanted to move back to Wales and develop a career where I could make a positive difference to native woodlands for future generations to enjoy.


As a result of my own journey, I have learnt that there is no greater gift than the gift of time and with this in mind it is my aim to help you develop your own personal journey and aspirations whilst volunteering at the Trust.


I am counting down the days to the National Volunteer Awards on November 17th so please do come up and say hi (I am easy to spot as I always wear colourful flowers in my hair) and tell me all about your experiences with the Trust. I am super keen to hear your views so I can generate more events and role that inspire you!


In the meantime, I am contactable via so please feel free to contact me if you have any queries regarding roles and events in Wales.


I look forward to hearing from you,



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