Nov 14 2019

Coed FFos Las School Tree Planting Week

Last week, I had the great pleasure of assisting at Coed Ffos Las School Tree Planting Week.


Throughout the week, over 200 children were inspired to get ‘thoroughly stuck into the mud’ and assist the Events team by planting Oak saplings on site.

During each session, firstly the children partook in an engaging and enjoyable talk on types of trees and the history of the site followed by Maggie Elsey-Cox ‘s demonstration on how to plant a sapling – ‘including a rain dance inspired jig to secure the mud around the tree!’


The children then paired up and under the staff’s close supervision began to plant a brand new compartment of Oak trees.


I believe what made the event a particular success was the clear enjoyment, giggles and enthusiasm the children showed in helping plant trees for future generations. Lastly, when I asked if everyone to give me their best tree impression if they had enjoyed their day it was wonderful to see each child stand on tippy-toes and raise their newly green fingers as high as they can.


 A definite sign of a wonderful week!




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