Glen finglas
Nov 07 2019

Huge efforts at Glen Finglas

I like to take a few minutes to thank a couple of volunteers for their contribution over the last couple weeks/months at Glen Finglas.


Between Thursday 24th October and Saturday 26th October several volunteers from The Mountains and the People (Outdoor Access Trust for Scotland) were on site to re-instate a few sections of pitch stone path. Glen Finglas’s Adopt a Path volunteers and other Woodland Trust volunteers joined the group and combined efforts at this event. This was definitely not for the faint-hearted, I thought as I saw some of those heavy giant boulders being shifted! The cold, rainy showers and gathering of mud on the soles of boots and waterproofs were all sign of their hard labour.


Glen finglas



On the same day, Saturday 26th October, we had our annual Light up Your Lantern event – a family-friendly lantern making activity, followed by a ranger-led walk at dusk in the woods and campfire (including marshmallows). This was fully booked and only possible due to the massive support and commitment of Glen Finglas woodland engagement volunteers & the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park volunteers. Their contribution, ranging from making skewers, car park marshalling, setting out the lights, distributing drinks, assisting in lantern making, etc. was enormously appreciated and they all helped to deliver, once more, a very successful and enjoyable evening.







In the mean time our Visitor Gateway is shut for the season.  Our Gateway is where volunteers have given hundreds of hours of their time to engage with the public, from pointing them towards the toilet, to assisting with tourism recommendations, explaining the splendidness of the site, etc.


This leaves me to say …. THANK YOU ALL for your efforts, big & small.


Gwen Raes

(Glen Finglas Estate Ranger)

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  • Matilda Scharsach

    What an achievement! The Glen Finglas volunteers deserve a massive pat on the back for another fantastic season at this beautiful site. Well done team!

    November 8, 2019 at 2:44 pm

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