Oct 28 2019

Our friends in Felixstowe – A visit to Abbey Grove

The other week I journeyed to Felixstowe to visit the marvellous Woodland Working group based at Abbey Grove. The group have been on site for a number of years, carrying out a number of activities in order to keep the wood well maintained. Normally meeting from October through to the spring, the group recently resumed activities.


Members of the local community planted Abbey Grove in December 1998 as part of the ‘Woods on your doorstep’ project. This charming 4h native broadleaf woodland comprises of a mixture of wild cherry, hazel, hawthorn, pedunculate oak, sweet chestnut, field maple, common ash, hornbeam and blackthorn. It also has an area of wildflower meadow and another of hazel coppice. Wildflower species such as bluebell, wood anemone and sorrel are found on site, as are a range of fungal species, including one rarity!


Early last year the group made an amazing discovery when they came across a rare type of fungus called the ‘white basket fungus’ (not pictured here). Volunteer Mike Williams discovered the fungus and reported it to Neil Mahler who is the Suffolk fungus recorder. This is a very rare species and (as of January 2018) this was only the second time it had been recorded in Suffolk.


The Abbey Grove Woodland Working group was formed by members of the local community who initially approached the Woodland Trust to offer their help with the management of the site.


Thank you to the members of the group for their hard work!



Amanda Brookes – Volunteering Development Officer (Central region)

Images by Amanda Brookes


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