Oct 28 2019

A gentle stroll around Aversley Wood

Have you heard of or ever visited Aversley Wood? Off the beaten track, this ancient woodland is positioned near to the village of Sawtry and can be seen from the A1. Aversley Wood is a 61.6 hectare site and its position means it offers amazing views of the Cambridgeshire countryside, including the fens in the far distance.


The walk over to the site means that you can appreciate the wood in all its glory, and passing into this site of special scientific interest you are immediately surrounded by a dense woodland of ash, field maple, oak, hazel and midland hawthorn. I was excited to find a wild service tree and was shown a wayfaring tree. Along the ride margins, at the right time of year, wildflower species such as meadowsweet, devil’s-bit scabious, common spotted orchid and cuckoo flower can be found. In spring Aversley Wood is carpeted in bluebells.




There’s lots to see at Aversley throughout the year, including the silver-washed fritillary butterfly, speckled bush-cricket and numerous bird species including goldcrest, chiffchaff and treecreeper. Muntjac deer creep silently amongst the trees and on our walk we saw many different types of fungi.


Definitely worth a visit!


Amanda Brookes – Volunteering Development Officer (Central)

Images left to right by Amanda Brookes – leaf of the wild service tree, bracket fungus (dryad’s saddle), small puffball

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