Oct 24 2019

Ancient Tree Inventory Verifiers – October Update

Dear Ancient Tree Inventory Team,


I hope you have had another great month recording trees to the Ancient Tree Inventory and thank you very much for all of your continued efforts on the project.

This month saw an extra 609 new records added and 449 trees verified – well done all!

The next month will provide a perfect opportunity to take your tape measures for an autumnal walk in search of ancient and veteran trees adorned with beautiful canopies of gold and green. This is also one of the best times of the year to spot fungi and you are particularly likely to find interesting fungi growing on the ancient/veteran trees that you will be visiting. Don’t forget you can record the presence of fungi on a tree record under the “wildlife” section of the record!

Keep up the great work.

With thanks,



Tree of the Year 2019 winners announced!

The results for Tree of The Year 2019 have been released! Please follow this link to see the winners and nominations for each country.


Tree of The Year Winners:

England: The “Allerton Oak”

Scotland: The “Last Ent of Affric”

Northern Ireland: The “Invisible Tree”

Wales: The “Old Sweet Chestnut of Pontypool”


I hope that you are inspired by this year’s nominations to Tree of The Year. Every year this competition serves as an important reminder of the incredible trees that can be found throughout the British countryside. Many of the nominations this year are not listed on the ATI (this will be updated shortly!), so remember to always keep an eye open for ancient and veteran trees on your travels, as you don’t know what you might find! After all, they are an irreplaceable part of the character of the British landscape, enriched with history and value to nature, and definitely worth the extra effort to find and record. Could you find a tree for Tree of the Year 2020?


Above: The Allerton oak, winner of Tree of The Year 2019 (England). (Anita Smith, WTML).


Highlights of September 2019

Please follow this link to read head verifier David Alderman’s ancient tree summary for September 2019. There were some stunning trees recorded and re-verified this month. This September, verifiers were able to verify 74% of new records, which is great – keep up the good work all!


Photography competition!   Deadline 30th November 2019!

Have you got a photo of an ancient/veteran tree that you’re proud to share? See below from the broadleaf team:


NEXT SPRING Broadleaf magazine celebrates its 100th issue, and we want you to be the star. We’re on the hunt for the best picture you’ve ever captured of the UK’s wild and wonderful woods and trees. From startling stumps and cavorting critters to tranquil twilights and bountiful blooms, blow us away with your photographic prowess. A selection of your best images will be published in our special 100th edition next March, and the winning snapper will carry off a pair of top-of-the-range Frontier Ed X 8×42 binoculars from Hawke Optics, worth £389. You can read all about them at hawkeoptics.com/nature.

How to enter: the competition is open to all Trust members and registered volunteers; maximum three images per entrant. Email your entries to broadleaf@woodlandtrust.org.uk, using the subject line ‘Snapping a twig’, and please include your name, address and a brief account of where and how your shot was taken. Entries close on November 30 2019; for full terms and conditions, visit woodlandtrust.org.uk/broadleaf.


ATI “Tip of the Month”

Do you sometimes wish you had more information on a particular species to help you verify? Don’t forget we have a list of 10 species guides that were created to help you give more detail for the 10 more frequently encountered species, you can access them here:


You can also share this link with recorders if they contact you and are interested to know more about one of the species listed here.


Expenses & Timesheet Reminder

Thank you for sending through your expenses and timesheets last month.


Everyone should have now have the latest copy of the expenses form (the version with “Tom Reed” as volunteer manager noted at the top of the page). Please email ancienttreeinventory@woodlandtrust.org.uk if you need a copy of the expense claim form.


Upcoming Events

Loch Arkaig, North Scotland – Ancient Tree Recording Day – 10th November 2019 – Please email tomreed2@woodlandtrust.org.uk for more information.



Please take a moment to look at the Big Climate Fightback campaign. We have an ambition to inspire 1 million people to pledge to plant a tree on 30th November 2019. We need to spread the message far and wide and try to rally as much support for this as possible!

Please take a look at the following link where you can make your pledge to plant a tree: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/protecting-trees-and-woods/campaign-with-us/big-climate-fightback/

Today’s “saplings” could be the “ancients” of the future!

  • Jillian Donnachie

    Great to read this update on Whittle. Thanks for sharing Tom!

    October 25, 2019 at 3:37 pm
  • Judy Dowling

    Always great to hear what is going on in the ATI! -and I would just like to note that the tree I entered for the Scottish Tree of the Year competition was runner up! The elm in Affric won, which I am very happy about; I nominated one of the incredible ancient Cadzow oaks.
    (One of these days I will get a winner……! )
    PS I DID try to nominate a tree for England too (I usually do both) but for some reason it got lost along the way…but will try again next year!

    October 25, 2019 at 4:47 pm
  • Tim Smith

    It’s good to read what’s going on at the ATI. As a new verifier I’m really looking forward to getting started.

    October 30, 2019 at 10:54 am

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