Oct 09 2019

If you go down to the woods today what will you find?

Once again a big thank you to one of our volunteers Geoff Foale who has sent in all these amazing photos taken Aveton Wood. Not only does Geoff send in these brilliant pictures but he also takes the time to label  them too which means that I can then let you all know what the photos are of.


Baccha elongata                                        Caddis Fly                                                              Chicken of the Woods                                         Dipper


Old Railway Bridge                                                     Pond Skater                                                               Red-legged Shieldbug – Pentatoma rufipes


Rhingia campestris                                                      Sulphur Tuft                                                                  Tree Reflections

If you have any photos relating to any of your Woodland Trust volunteering I would love to see them and then I can post them up here too. You can e mail me at amandabealing@woodlandtrust.org.uk

Amanda Bealing

Volunteer development Officer South West


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