Oct 08 2019

Watch our brand new TV advert!

Trees. Our unsung heroes.

Our urban observers.

The life preservers.

The givers. The takers

The generation makers

The wonder creators.

Home to our pollinators

Big. Small. Urban. Remote.

Our oasis, our sanctuary, our escape …


Watch our brand new TV advert which went live today and will run until the 1st November as part of our multi-channel autumn membership recruitment campaign.


The advert will be shown across 23 different channels (ITV3, MORE4, and Sky channels such as Animal Planet, Discovery and National Geographic). We will initially be testing the advert using day part spots (Mon-Fri) as this airtime is more cost efficient to buy. Across the campaign the advert will be shown 917 times (46 spots per day) and will achieve 11,258 impacts across the UK. 


Fans of Grand Designs or not hopefully you will all recognise the voiceover! We have also created a radio advert from the advert which goes live on Classic FM today as well.

If you want a sneak preview you can find it here: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/support-us/join/why-join-the-woodland-trust/

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