Oct 01 2019

Fencing at Nunsbrough Wood, Northumberland.

Stock Fence training days for the North East area.

27 & 28 September 2019: Nunsbrough Wood near Hexham, Northumberland was the location of another training event organised for Woodland Trust Volunteers in the North East.  Following on from a training session earlier in the year which involved positioning the end posts, some fence posts and fixed timber fencing around the area of trees planted winter 2018/2019, we had a busy two days installing a Stock Fence.

Wet day 1, post hole dig.                                            Nunsbrough - looking East

Day one included the laying, tensioning and fixing of the lower high tensile steel wire and rolling the 100m or so of galvanised fence mesh. Although the weather was definitely ‘inclement’ the team worked through and prepared most of the ground works for the style.

Fence mesh tensioning.

Day 2 weather was perfect – cool and dry. The day started with the lovely sound of a low flying flock of migrating geese honking  overhead, worth spending a quiet minute or so watching them.  First we attached a steel post and clamped the mesh to that with locking steel pins and using two old but still very serviceable chain winches, the full length of mesh was pulled taught. Next task was to staple the mesh to each post, about 4 or 5 galvanised staples per post, then tie-off the final section and tidy the cut end onto a straining post.


Tying off the wire ends.                    Not quite sure what this was?

The top steel wire was then tensioned and stapled before also being tied off at the end straining post.

Tension to the top wire.

We finished the day with some wood work – constructing a two step style with a ‘finger post’. Using two special non-slip coated timbers and four, 50cm holes to bury the posts.  The top wire at the style was then protected by a sandwich of two fence  timbers.

Day 2 team


The gap at the south end of the fence was then closed off with a timber only fence.  The volunteers all learned new skills during this event and with the right team members and correct tools for the job, would be keen to repair sections of this type of fence in future.  Report by Alan Wallace, Volunteer Leader

Top wire protectionclosing off the fence - South end.


Alan Wallace, group Leader, Castle Hills Group

  • Sarah Shaw

    Great job everyone, thanks for the update Alan

    October 1, 2019 at 12:50 pm
  • Alan Wallace

    Thank you Sarah, the sunshine always helps.

    October 3, 2019 at 5:31 pm

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