Sep 27 2019

Volunteers embrace The Tree Charter at Joyden’s Wood

On Wednesday 25 September volunteers gathered to celebrate and acknowledge The Charter for Trees, Woods and People at Joyden’s Wood.  Twenty five volunteers from a variety of roles came together for a guided walk around the wood which was beautifully narrated around The Tree Charter.

Photo credit: Emile De Souza. Area of conifer PAWS in Joyden’s Wood.

Joyden’s Wood is a Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS) which is under a gradual woodland restoration process to remove the non-native conifer trees.  This tranquil, ancient woodland is right on London’s doorstep.  With its remarkable variety of trees and plants, abundant wildlife, and intriguing history stretching back to Roman times, it was the perfect location to learn more about the 10 Principles of The Tree Charter.


Alissa Wilson who is the Site Manager and Sarah Shorley, Tree Charter Lead at the Woodland Trust, guided the walk and rest points focused on special features in the wood which relate to one of the 10 principles. The Plant for the future principle was explored at the picnic area where The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy of trees, consisting of Birch, Rowan and Hazel trees, were planted in October 2018.   The combat threats to habitat principle was discussed where site management, supported by Joyden’s Wood Woodland Working group, had focused on ride widening and clearing of the open area heath to support and increase biodiversity on site.


Following the walk, a special lunch was held in the local Scout Hall, with delicious food served.  A short afternoon session foraging natural objects from the wood provided an opportunity for staff and volunteers to share their experiences, memories and thoughts, each person recounting their own ‘tree stories’.


This was the fourth event for volunteers that was organised in the South East region and the aims were to bring volunteers together and thank them for giving their time, skills and passion to supporting the Woodland Trust.  Of those who attended, a number of roles were represented, including woodland working group members, volunteer speakers, photographers and threat detectors to name a few.  We were also joined by three special guests – volunteers from Kew Gardens, who came to visit our site, learn more about the Tree Charter and also the work of the Woodland Trust.



We would like to say a great big thank you to the staff and volunteers who gave up their time to make the day so special.   It was a truly magical event; we even managed to deliver better weather than was forecast!


Special thank you to Emile De-Souza our Volunteer Photographer for providing the photos which accompany this story.  We hope you enjoy them, as much as we enjoyed the day!

Photo credit: Emile De Souza. Volunteers on the guided walk.

Photo credit: Claire Inglis. Afternoon activity.


Photo credit: Emile De Souza

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  • KeithLelliott

    Thank you to the WT team and Joyden Wood volunteers for a great day out. What a lovely place to have to work – a hidden oasis inside the M25.

    September 27, 2019 at 3:45 pm

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