Sep 20 2019

What different roles can volunteers do?

At some of the volunteer get-together’s I have held I have been asked what other roles volunteers can do, and what do those roles entail. Please see the below table with some brief role descriptions for you. Not all the roles are available in the South West, to find out what we are looking for please visit


Role Brief Description of the role Managed Regionally /South West or Centrally
Administration Volunteer This volunteer role add value by providing support with administration tasks that support our aims

Interview and references required

Can be either
Advisory Group Member To represent volunteers from the regions and countries by delivering their feedback, asking questions of a national or strategic nature. Interview & references required


Centrally by NVT
Ancient Tree Lead Verifier To provide support to the network of verifiers by answering queries or providing feedback to records.

Add tree records and seek sites where there may be large numbers of trees of special interest. Interview and references required

Ancient Tree Verifier Verify new and modified tree records supplied by recorders, enabling us to build a definitive database of ancient trees.

Work with recorders and partner organisations to inspire further tree hunting and recording especially in areas where there may be large numbers of trees of special interest

Conservation Researcher This role adds values by providing research into potential corporate partners for the Woodland Trust Cen
Councillor Tree Champions This role is the eyes and ears of the Woodland Trust at local government level providing an opportunity to influence decision makers for the benefit of woods and trees throughout the UK. SW
Environment Monitor Carry out surveys and providing data on tree diseases, hedgerows, ancient woodland, rivers and/or a range of other habitats.


Events Volunteers This role involves supporting the organisation at events, engaging new audiences to the Trust and raising awareness about the work of the Woodland Trust Both
Event Leader Lead the planning, delivery and coordination of events at the site.


Mentor and coordinate volunteers that have agreed to support the event as needed. Interview and references needed


Guided Walk Leader To prepare an appropriate guided walk plan for discussion with your volunteer manager, this includes proposed route, timings, and details of the theme of the walk.

Promote the walks utilising appropriate resources available to you

Interview and references required

Historical Researcher To investigate and collect useful information from existing maps, written, graphic, photographic and electronic records. The investigation may also include site surveying/recording of aspects identified from desk-based research.

Interview and references required


Lead Volunteer To communicate key messages to volunteers that relate to their roles as agreed with your volunteer manager.


To act as the key point of contact for the other volunteers.

Interview and references required


Livestock Monitor To walk the site as per the rota, count and check from a distance the health of the animals and report back findings promptly and accurately to the rest of the team and staff members as required. You may also be asked to check boundaries of enclosures and troughs as agreed with rest of the livestock monitoring team Regionally
Marketing Volunteer Talking to visitors and engaging with the public at the site at key times as agreed.

Contact key community groups and liaising with key community leaders and members of the public in order to carry out market research.

Interview and 2 references required



Membership Support Volunteer to support our Membership Development Staff at events in their local area.

This is a pilot not in SW

Interview and references needed

Mentor Be able to commit to spending an agreed time in a relationship with a mentee

Serve as a positive role model by modelling desirable behaviours, e.g. patience, tolerance, and reflective listening.

Interview and references required


Nature’s Calendar Champion Promote and co-ordinate Nature’s Calendar.

Collate and enter data onto the website as necessary.

Encourage continued Nature’s Calendar activity during the holidays.

Write guest blogs

Interview and references required

Partnership Support Leader Using your woodland management activity experience you will lead Woodland Trust volunteers and corporate volunteers in woodland task based activities

Interview and references required

Partnership Support Volunteer Make appropriate decisions supporting corporate volunteers regarding activities and safety on the day. Only carry out tasks, as agreed with the partnership support or event leader.


Super Campaigner Events Respond to a “Super action” based on a campaign and invite friends and followers to take part using all or some of the following methods:


o  Like WT social media updates

o  Share WT social media and blog updates

o  Comment on WT blogs and social media updates

o  Post WT campaign messages on social media

o  Write articles for own blog or website relating to WT campaigns

o  Embed links to WT campaigns on own website


Super Campaigner Online As a Super Campaigner you will be the voice of the Trust, taking actions, either online or offline, to spread the messages of the Campaigns Team to a broader audience SW
Supporter Group Leader This role provides a line of communication and information to groups that share a connection to the Woodland Trust. This role also provides an opportunity to post articles which can be viewed by members of the group. Gather information and images from your group about relevant activity that can be crafted into engaging news articles or updates for publication on Whittle SW
Threat Detector – Woods Under Threat Analysing the planning registers from week to week for new planning proposals and developments that may impact on ancient woods and native trees for your designated area.


Trail Camera Monitor Placing and moving the trail cameras across woods.

Checking the cameras for footage.

Sending video clips back to your volunteer manager for filtering and editing (or filtering through footage yourself if possible

Tree Health Surveyor This role will involve carrying out regular field surveys for the presence/absence of specific pests and diseases on common tree species and/or monitoring the health of selected individual trees Cen
Volunteer Photographer Volunteers will be asked to sign a non-exclusive licence to enable any photographs taken for this task to be used to by the Woodland Trust to support our work, but the copyright remains with you so that you can also use these photos.

Interview and references needed


Volunteer Speaker – Talking Trees Talks typically last for 40 minutes with time after for questions. The presentations are delivered using a PowerPoint presentation (which we provide, along with a projector if required), along with accompanying notes. You will present to a variety of different groups, including: gardening groups, wildlife groups, local history societies, archaeological groups, Rotary, WI, Probus, and field societies.

Interview and references needed


Currently Cen, but coming to SW
Volunteer Trainer The purpose of this role is to deliver training to help upskill and educate different roles across the organisation (volunteer inductions)

Interview and references needed

Whittle Reporter Gather information and images from fellow volunteers about relevant volunteer activity that can be crafted into engaging news articles or updates for publication on Whittle Regionally
Wildlife Conservation Volunteer/ researcher To record and monitor wildlife in conjunction with your volunteer manager SW
Wildlife Monitor Visit the agreed site and record numbers of specific species and changes to habitats.


Woodland Creation Champion – Lead Respond to enquiries the Woodland Trust receives from members of the public who have questions about tree or hedge planting and woodland creation

Interview and references needed

Woodland Creation Champion Respond to enquiries the Woodland Trust receives from members of the public who have questions about tree or hedge planting and woodland creation. You would liaise via email or telephone, offering support as required and refer your contact back to your regional team for further action if necessary. You may agree to visit a site where appropriate.

Interview and references needed

Woodland Engagement Volunteer Talking to visitors and engaging with the public at the site at key times as agreed.

Helping out at awareness days which are open to the public.

Interview and references needed


Woodland Warden Walk the site on a regular basis noting things such as: interesting wildlife, maintenance issues or site problems/damaging activities

Interview and references needed

Woodland Working Group Leader Coordinate and schedule days of activity and liaise with working group members and site manager as needed.

Make appropriate decisions regarding activities and safety on the day. Lead and organise the group to carry out key tasks, as agreed with the site manager

Interview and references needed

Woodland Working Group Member Liaise regularly with the working group leader including reporting any issues, additional equipment, training needs or concerns SW


And below is the number of volunteers we have doing each role figurers correct as of 1st September 2019


Volunteer Role Number in the South West
Admin 2
Advisory Group Member 2
Ancient Tree Lead Verifier 1
Ancient Tree Verifier 39
Conservation Researcher 1
Councillor Tree Champions 3
Environment Monitor 2
Event Leader 1
Events Volunteers 14
Guided Walk Leaders 6
Historical Researcher 1
Lead Volunteer 1
Local Media Volunteers 2
Photographer 7
Site Based Volunteer 3
Super Campaigner – Online 3
Threat Detectors 18
Tree Health Champion 26
Tree Health Champion Lead 1
Vol – Research 8
Volunteer Speakers 12
Warden 69
Wildlife Monitoring 6
Wildlife Researcher 32
Woodland Creation Champion 11
Woodland Working Group Lead 28
Woodland Working Group Memb 217


As of 1st September we have 461 volunteers doing 516 roles

Thank you for everything that you do for the Woodland trust

Amanda Bealing

Volunteer Development Officer South West


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