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Sep 09 2019

Threat Detector Update September 2019

Welcome to my final network update for the Woods under Threat Detector Volunteers.

This month:

Goodbye and thank you

Diary dates

Can you get (even more) involved?

A little light reading for your next coffee break

Woods under threat detector resources

Best wishes


Goodbye and thank you

Next week I will be hanging up my Volunteer Manager boots to return to university to undertake an MA in History. The past 5 years have flown by and I am proud to have been part of the Threat Detector network. The time you freely give us is so important in our fight to protect our precious ancient woodland.

It might seem time consuming and on occasion (dare I say it) not very exciting, checking planning lists week-in /week-out. But even if you are a “Zero Hero” and sometimes don’t find any planning applications of concern, your concerted checking has helped us over the years, pick up threats we would not have otherwise known about. It has also given us evidence when talking to Local Authorities about improving their protection for ancient woodland.

So thank you to you all for all your hard work and the support you have given me, it has been great privilege to be your volunteer network manager.


Diary dates

As always there are lots of other interesting volunteer events being arranged too so please head over to the Events page.  Remember, if you can get along to one of the regional events please do so as they are a wonderful opportunity to meet other volunteers in your area.

Central Region Volunteer Conference (Saturday 14 September)

Calling all Central Region Threat Detectors we hope you can come along to the regional volunteer conference which is being held at Heartwood. There will be a good presence from the Campaigning Team including myself and it looks like it will be a really interesting day.

Scottish Volunteer Conference (28-29 September 2019)

To all the Scottish Threat Detectors, if you can make it please, come along to this inaugural conference in Scotland. It will be held at the Birnam Arts Centre Perthshire and promises to be a fabulous event.

Further details for both events can be found here  https://whittle.woodlandtrust.org.uk/event-directory/


Can you get (even more) involved?

Campaigning is what Woodland Trust is fabulous at and we have a very busy Autumn of Campaigning, so please spare 5 minutes to add your voice.

All the details of our current campaigns can be found here http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/get-involved/campaign-with-us/our-campaigns/

However, one to highlight this month is our campaign to tell Government:

  • that the review must consider the true environmental cost of HS2
  • to halt the felling of ancient woodlands while HS2’s future is still uncertain.


Also the voting for the 2019 Tree of the Year is now open, http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-woods/vote-tree-of-the-year-2019/ Read the amazing stories and vote for your favourite tree.

Thank you.


A little light reading for your next coffee break

As always there are lots of blogs around about trees and woods not only on our own site but from our supporters too. So grab a cuppa and a “biccie” and enjoy this blog from one of our Super Campaigners, about the right tree in the right place https://druidlife.wordpress.com/2019/08/12/the-right-tree-in-the-right-place/


Woods under threat detector resources

Due to the volume of cases we are dealing with, we are looking at our processes for cases relating to trees that are potentially ancient or veteran. My colleague Jack will be working on this and will add information to the Whittle Library in due course. We will let you all know via a newsletter when it is there. In the mean time if you come across a tree that might be of significance please include the details on the recording spreadsheet as usual and we will assess it.

Until my successor is appointed we have put some interim arrangements in place for answering your queries and helping you with volunteering related matters.

If you have a query, in the first instance, please use the Threat Detector section in the Whittle Library https://whittle.woodlandtrust.org.uk/library/#54-wpfd-woods-under-threat-detectors . It is filled with a whole host of useful resources and in particular you may find the “FAQ regarding different types of planning application” and “Does this application need a response”, helpful. They can both be found here https://whittle.woodlandtrust.org.uk/library/#145-wpfd-resources

However, if you have a query you can’t find the answer to in the library, please email Nicole and Isla in the Campaigning team via the threatdetector@woodlandtrust.org.uk email address and they will get back in touch with you. This is also the best way to let us know what you have been getting up to and how many hours you have have spent on volunteering for the Trust over the past month.

If you have a question about volunteering in general please get in touch with your Volunteering Development Officer or with my colleague Naomi who will be able to advise further. Naomi can also be contacted via the threat detector inbox and also on 0343 330 5455.


Thanks for reading and here’s to new adventures.



Campaigning Volunteer Co-ordinator

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