Sep 05 2019

Super Campaigner Update – September 2019

Throughout August, you, the Super Campaigner NetworkĀ have pulled out all the stops and helped us propel the HS2 campaign forward. We’ve had an incredible response – nearly 20,000 people have taken part and emailed Mr Oakervee to ask for a halt in the enabling works and include the environmental impacts in the review. We’ve seen a number of news stories cropping up and the scheme is definitely still on the agenda despite the confusion in Westminster over the last few weeks.


The work plan for this campaign is in your section of the library. Our action will be continuing throughout September so please do keep up the good work.


Thank you for everyone who has filled out this months survey – please excuse a gentle reminder from me – it’s anonymous (GDPR – grr!) so please be specific about events and MPs. You’re all taking wonderful actions but I can’t tell who you’ve been talking to!


There’s lots more coming your way:


We have quick fire APPG campaign running this week. Our All Party Parliamentary Group has it’s next meeting in the diary – for next week. We’re making the assumption that this will go ahead (if parliament is suspended we’ll need to postpone). We need to make sure MPs are invited and get the message through all the noise of Brexit as this important group needs cross party representation to make sure that they can continue to play a critical role for woods and trees. Your tracked link is here:


Towards the end of the month we’re launching our next stage of action on climate change, including by supporting the Global Climate Strikes. Please keep an eye out for tasks coming your way in relation to that.


Finally (I think) we’re also facing another threat from a large infrastructure project. We’ll be asking supporters to respond to a consultation in the coming weeks. Again, look out for your specific task emails.


So, lots in the pipeline!


I’m attending two volunteer networking events in September too. I’d love to see anyone who can make it to the Heartwood Forest Event (near St Albans) and at the Scotland Volunteer Conference. Please look at the event pages on Whittle for more info (and for lots of other events). It’s a lovely way to hear more about the Trust’s activities and meet other volunteers.


Brilliant Blogging

Please do keep sending me any blogs you have written. I love reading all your hard work. For those of you who are new to blogging as part of your role (or anyone who has been doing it a long time and wants an update), the library section of Whittle now includes a ‘Button’ and instructions for how to add the ‘button’ as a widget to your blog so that it links to our campaigning pages.


Want some inspiration? Yet again Nimue has written a fab piece about getting the right tree in the right place. This is particularly poignant in the fight against climate change. Everyone agrees we need more trees, but which trees and where, is as important as ever.


It’s going to sound desperate but… Will you be my friend and follower on social media? It’s the easiest way for me to keep up to date with what you’re doing (as well as the survey). If we’re not connected already, I am:


@TreeTilley – on facebook and twitter.





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