Aug 29 2019

Quintuple B at Kinclaven Bluebell Wood – Balsam Bashing BBQ!

It would have been even better if it was still called Ballathie Bluebell Wood, in which case I could have announced the septuple Ballathie Bluebell Wood Balsam bashing BBQ!


Earlier in August 20 or so volunteers from the Kinclaven Bluebell Wood Woodland Working Group gathered together to make more steps to eradicate Himalayan Balsam, an invasive, non-native species.  The group has done an incredible job so far, with the landscape changing in that part of the wood changing from an ocean of pink to hardly being able to spot any plants at all.  The balsam is predominantly growing in the small coniferous section of the wood, and is now very well under control.  I even joked to the group that I would have to plan some more so that they don’t run out of things to do!


We combined the activity with a BBQ, to thank and the volunteers and to celebrate their incredible achievements.


Beautiful Kinclaven

A well deserved coffee break. Ian had made the best ever chocolate beetroot cake.


Interesting slime mould fungi at Kinclaven

Crouching down to pull up tiny Himalayan balsam plants enabled us to spot interesting ground cover that we might have missed, like this slime mould and wood sorrel

Every Woodland Working group needs a BBQ towards the end of the season to celebrate what a fantastic job they do!

King of the BBQ – Ian the Woodland Working Group Leader can turn his hand to anything on the day!

Ian S. puts his 1st Aid skills as a Woodland Working Group Leader into practice.

Ian R gives the best of health and safety talks!

Showing how to identify Himalayan balsam









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