Aug 23 2019

Reporting near misses

We’re all very familiar with the idea of reporting accidents and incidents – it’s clear that when something goes wrong, we need to let someone know. This is not to apportion blame, but to learn from incidents and prevent them from recurring.


What we’re not always so good at is reporting when things “nearly” go pear shaped. Someone nearly falls down the stairs; someone has to leap out of the way of a tree falling the wrong way etc.


The Health & Safety Executive describe a near miss as ““Any incident, accident or emergency which did not result in an injury but had significant potential to do so” Basically any occurrence that causes a sudden intake of breath involving our staff, volunteers, contractors or members of the public needs to be reported. Incidents can be reported using the form below or by using the link at the bottom of the Whittle home page (A log in is required to access this)



Please note that tick bites that need precautionary antibiotic treatment prescribed by your GP should also be reported as a significant near miss, even if no serious condition (Lyme disease) develops.


If you are unsure whether to report an incident or near miss please discuss this with your volunteer manager or a member of the National Volunteering Team by emailing


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  • Nick Hall

    Good article, and a spot on message 🙂

    September 3, 2019 at 5:11 pm

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