Aug 12 2019

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newsletter No 47 August 2019

Still no news on the outcome of the Casa Mia planning application. The position appears to be that feedback was provided to the applicant by the Planning Office earlier in the year and our understanding is that the applicant intended to submit revised proposals in attempt to address the issues raised but nothing has been forthcoming to date. However following prompting a month ago  from local interests, including two local councillors, the Planning Officer has  said he would now chase this up.

In the meanwhile a 6 foot high fence has appeared along their boundary with us. This has been carefully and well built and there has been no damage to our new hedge which continues to grow rapidly. Bev and Martyn are seen here at work weeding around the saplings we planted in February this year.


Other tasks undertaken during the working party on 3rd August were stirling work by John and Chris which means that we hope we have now completed the digging out behind the rebuilt beehive wall.


George was able to complete the painting of the Railway Tunnel gate which he wire brushed off last month.The area now looks very smart as it has the TCV’s completed steps on the far side (below).


Meanwhile back on the lower path Brian and Chris quickly felled the dead Ash (hard hats were worn – honestly Joe!).They then spent the next 2 ½ hours trying to get the roots out. This meant deconstructing the low retaining wall and was not helped by one of the roots being transfixed by an original fencing post which passed right through it as shown !  More needs to be done here!


Joe Middleton had asked us to put in steps below the new Lobster pot seat and also trim the holly and remove the Elder. This was ably undertaken by David and Richard. We now have 3 steps and a splendid view of the oak but we reckon more steps are needed. The adjacent plaque now explains how the seat came into being.


The information leaflets continue to be taken from our four boxes at the rate of about 120 a month. In fact the July figures for the last three years are 137; 110;160. The variation having much to do with the weather. The Trust’s membership leaflet (now in a larger A5 format) are also being taken at consistent rate of 20 a month. The Hon Sec has found that by suitable folding the new larger Trust leaflet can still be accommodated in our old A4 trifold box.

That’s all until we meet again on September 14th NOTE THIS!!This will be followed by our “Friends of Bishop’s Knoll Wood” AGM at the Mill House Stoke Bishop – all are invited to attend as in previous years . While your committee did consider giving all those who come a free lunch this has been decided against as it was thought that paid up members might be unhappy at their subs being used to provide non-members with a free lunch! See you there.

Thanks to Chris for the newsletter and photos

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