Aug 12 2019

Balsam pulling in Dora’s Wood

For the past four seasons our local wildlife group has been on a quest to destroy all balsam at Woodland Trust’s Dora’s Wood!. Quite an adventure it has been – nobbled by nettles, snatched by sticky weed while braving the brambles to reach the illusive Balsam plant or two.  We’ve encountered the mighty stemmed Balsam, the creeping Balsam, the re-root and retrying Balsam, never forgetting the bashful Balsam (hiding in the under-story below its friends).   We’re pushing it back, further each year and preventing it spreading into the heart of the wood.  This year we were joined the River Wears Trust and a few of their volunteers, so we tacked one of the remaining larger patches not far from the burn at the edge of the wood.  I’d say we made a big bash on the Balsam! (as the ‘before and after’ images show).  The plants invade from the burn and we miss a few, the seeds will grow and so we’ll be back bashing next year.


Anne Kelly – Lanchester Wildlife Group

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