Aug 08 2019

Osprey Named To Honour Volunteer

One of the osprey chicks at Loch Arkaig Pine Forest has been named in honour of Trust volunteer Liz Bracken, who monitors the nest by telescope from across the loch.

Liz’s commentary on what the birds get up to when out of view of the camera boosts engagement levels with the worldwide audience online.

When it came to naming this year’s two chicks many suggested “Bracken” for her. Unfortunately an osprey elsewhere had already been given that name so it was switched to the Gaelic-derived “Rannoch”.

The name won in an online vote, along with “Mallie” for the other chick.


Rannoch and Mallie


Here is Liz talking last year about her volunteering role.

Meanwhile, it has emerged Mallie and Rannoch had a lucky escape from a pine marten while still inside their eggs. Fortunately, when the tenacious predator tried to raid the nest, it slid off the tree thanks to a smear of grease! Read the full story in our blog.

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