Aug 01 2019

Woodland Trust Volunteers making a buzz for the coast

Woodland Trust volunteers are invited to join staff at The Bumblebee Conservation Trust to do a general survey day at Victory Wood on Wednesday 21 August, 10.30am until 3pm.


Volunteers will be briefed in bee identification, ecology and survey methodology to help contribute data to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust project. The information gathered on the day will help inform how to best manage the open ground habitat for bees, whilst safeguarding a potential stronghold for rare species such as the shrill carder bee.


This is a great opportunity for you to build confidence in wildlife surveying skills and learn more about bee ID in particular.  This will be a fun activity, which not only brings volunteers together, but also helps to provide valuable data related to bees and other pollinators on site.


Equipment would be provided and attendees spilt into small groups, accompanied by a Bumblebee Conservation Trust staff member, for detailed surveying.


For more information or to register your attendance, please email or call 03437 705 667.

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