Aug 01 2019

Insect life from the South Devon sites

A very big thank you to Geoffrey Foale, one of our volunteers in the South West who has sent in this fantastic array of photos this is what Geoff has said


This year, once again, I have been regularly recording insect life from the South Devon sites of Aveton Wood and Woodleigh Wood. Here are just a few recent sample images from Aveton Wood (TQ7 4DS) and Woodleigh Wood


The record of a Little Thorn Moth is particularly interesting. They are uncommon and normally occur in two small areas. Hampshire west to the eastern side of Dorset and part of North Somerset to Herefordshire. This year a few have appeared scattered through Devon.

Moth – Little Thorn – Cepphis advenaria


Fantastic photos thanks Geoff and what an amazing array of insects living in our woods. If you have any photos of any wildlife, flowers in our wood then please do send them to and then they can appear on whittle


Beetle – Oxyporus rufus                    Brown Silverhorn Caddis Fly – Athripsodes albifrons          Candy-stripe Spider – Enoplognatha ovata      Celery Fly – Euleia heraclei


Cicadella viridis                                                    Cixius nervosus                                                            Common Awl Robberfly – Neoitamus cyanurus


Dark-winged Blood Bee – Sphecodes gibbus             Denticollis linearis                                                 Figwort Sawfly – Tenthredo scrophulariae


Figwort Weevil – Cionus scrophulariae                        Garden Chafer – Phyllopertha horticola              Goodens Nomad Bee – Nomada goodeniana


Grass Snake                                                                     Green Shieldbug – Palomena prasina                                      Grypocoris stysi


Harvestman – Leiobunum rotundum                          Horned Treehopper – Centrotus cornutus                      Hoverflies – Microdon myrmicae or mutabilis


Hoverfly – Volucella inflata                                        Lacewing – Chrysopa perla                                                     Leafhopper – Allygus modestus


Marsh Damsel Bug – Nabis limbatus                        Meadow Plant Bug – Leptopterna dolabrata                     Moth – Celypha lacunata


Moth – Garden Grass-veneer – Chrysoteuchia culmella      Moth – Lackey – Malacomosoma neustria                    Moth – Little Thorn – Cepphis advenaria


Picture-winged Fly – Terellia tussilaginis                      Potato Capsid – Closterotomus norwegicus                 Sawfly – Athalia rosae


Silver-washed Fritillary – Argynnis paphia            Skipper on Birds-foot Trefoil                                          Southern Hawker – Aeshna cyanea


Stiltbug – Metatropis rufescens                                   Thick-headed Fly – Physocephala rufipes


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