Jul 29 2019

Ancient tree hunting at Tring Park

Tring Park Woodland Working group got together with Woodland Trust staff members and an ancient tree expert recently to learn how to record ancient trees on site. Arranged by Hannah Burgess, Visitor Experience Officer for Tring Park, and Geof Howe, the woodland working group leader, the group met on a sunny Wednesday.



Lead Ancient Tree Verifier, David Alderman showed the group the recording process, which includes noting down the tree species, measuring the width of the tree and any notable features of the tree, amongst other things. Evidence of invertebrate activity and the presence of other wildlife species are also recorded. David told the group how this information is added to the ancient tree inventory website, something that everyone can get involved in.


The group also had a look at the avenue of sycamore trees, which is fascinating because purple sycamore had been grafted on to sycamore.



A great course, I certainly learnt a lot!


Amanda Brookes – Volunteer Development Officer: Central


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