Jun 27 2019

Litter in our woods can be a real problem

Sadly we often have issues with litter in our woods, sometimes just general litter and sadly people choose to fly tip in our beautiful woods which has a detriment effect on the woodland and all the wildlife within it.

Some of our volunteer threat detectors recently contact our site manager for Cornwall Malcolm offering to spend a an afternoon at Parkway Woods, the volunteers involved also work for working for wildlife.

Alex gave us this feedback from their afternoon liter picking

‘Just some details about yesterday’s litter pick. It was relatively successful, in that we managed to fill all the bags we brought (though there was enough that we could have doubled it!)

Hours: 1.5

Bags filled: 11


We managed to take all the bags with us but we stumbled on what appeared to be a fly tipping area where we spent most of the time. We left a pile of assorted metal, glass bottles and other misc. stuff we couldn’t really take with us – Alex sent a map with the exact location to Malcolm

We also had a brief chat with one of the residents that lives just next door to the wood who said about one of the hedges at the most western side of the woods, just by the Leigham Woods entrance sign – she said it has become very overgrown with brambles and just wanted to pass this on to you guys.’

Malcolm said to Alex ‘That’s brilliant thanks, I will forward your message to my contractors and ask them to visit the wood soon and pick up the rubbish you piled up, before it gets ‘scattered’ again. I’ll check on the bramble area near the hedge’

Thank you to Alex and everyone who gave up their time to pick up litter in Parkway Woods

All photos for this article have been provided by Alexander Richardson


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  • Alexander Richardson

    Happy to help! We hope to go up again some time in August with extra bags and collect more – we didn’t even scratch the surface of the rubbish in the wood!

    June 27, 2019 at 3:56 pm

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