Jun 25 2019

Volunteers build on tree identification knowledge at training session

Do you know a hazel from a hawthorn or a buckthorn from a blackthorn? What happens when two tree species hybridise? Tree identification can be a bit tricky and it takes constant practice, but a group of volunteers attended a tree ID course at the weekend to hone their skills.




The course was delivered by Edward Mills, who is a chartered forester with over 30 years’ experience. He has had books published on coppicing and greenwood crafts and is an experienced teacher.


Led by Edward, the session began with a quick run through of the key identifying characteristics of trees, including the leaf structure, colour, stalk and positioning. The overall tree shape, its bark, seeds and berrys and where the tree is growing are just a few examples of some of the other clues on hand to work out the tree in question. Edward first showed the group some images of various leaves, and then handed out some real specimens and the group practised identifying them.



After lunch the group headed out to Londonthorpe Wood, which is part of the Woodland Trust’s estate to practise the ID skills that they’d learnt that morning. Edward shared his vast experience of forestry management with the group by answering an array of questions which ranged from woodland management, tree disease and lots more!


Visit the events section of Whittle for information about forthcoming training sessions and events.


Amanda Brookes – Volunteering Development Officer for Central England


Claire Green – Volunteering Development Officer for Northern England



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