Nunsbrough Wood entrance sign
Jun 21 2019

Flowers and Bugs at Nunsbrough Wood, Northumberland.

Catalogue of wild flowers in the meadow at Nunsbrough Wood, near Hexham, Northumberland.

Early June 2019 saw another field trip day by one of our local schools. The main task of the day was to catalogue the wild flowers found in the meadow at the East side of the wood.

 Students heading to the meadow.Moth found inside a tree tube.Noy quite sure what lived in here!Meadow with recently planted trees.

The attached list shows 10 types of flowers found on the day. The other photographs are show various bugs and the afternoon walk through the woods.

the list of flowers.Bridge crossing Devil's WaterEnglish Heritage map of the meadow.Devil's Water.


Report by Alan Wallace, Volunteer Leader.

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