Jun 14 2019

Mysterious goings on at Langley Vale…

A group of volunteers at Langley Vale Wood recently became detectives when they were out at a training session for their bird monitoring group one morning and a helicopter appeared extremely low to the ground…


The concerned volunteers spotted that the activity was happening over breeding bird populations, including the Lapwings that have started to increase on site so thought they would find out what was going on! Was it a trip for pleasure? Was it more official business? The volunteers had photos and video footage (and contacts in aviation) to help them on their quest but continued to draw a blank as to who was flying the aircraft. After some debate, our tale does have a happy ending fortunately.


Site Manager, Simon Bateman-Brown, used the volunteers evidence and discovered that the activity was actually a survey of the power lines, to which they had to hover close to look at a particular fault. Simon was able to explain the sensitivity of the site for breeding birds and that future surveys would need to keep a wider margin from the field in question. A great example of teamwork!


A big thanks to all of the volunteers involved in ensuring the safety of the site at Langley Vale to help wildlife thrive and, of course, for standing up for woods and trees.


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