Jun 11 2019

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newslette June 2019

The rain on the 7th made one or two of us think that Saturday 8th might be one of those rare occasions where we would cancel at the gate but no! The day was dry and increasingly sunny if a little windy. The day before Simon Knops had confirmed that our  2nd June midweek session  had achieved what he wanted apart from the removal of tree  which we knew had to go, and those roots which had penetrated the bee hive wall but were safe to remove.

Removal of tree root ,This took Chris John and Brian the whole morning- well done guys!

Meanwhile just round the corner in the tree nursery George was carrying out much needed weeding before progressing (after providing a passing helping hand at the stump extraction) to undertake preparatory work on our tunnel gate which will need painting wit Hammerite next month.

Higher up the garden Richard was completing the much delayed final revetments on the Lookout steps before moving on with David’s assistance to remove the trip hazards in the path below the dead hedge. For some reason these had escaped our attention only to be brought to light when your Hon Sec lead two walks round the garden recently in connection with the Bristol Walkfest

Richard at work on the Lookout steps.The temporary tunnel steps are also due for refurbishment

Our Chairman arrived too late this month to assist David in removing ivy in the Level 3 retaining wall, but he and Martyn made up for it by a fine effort clearing ivy off the orchard walls.

Before                                                 and after

Other news


One of our grafts from the old trees in the bee hive area has failed to take on Brian’s semi dwarfing root stock, since when the original tree (which was on the way out anyway) has died. When it was still alive John Hunt had the presence of mind to look at the fruit and is pretty sure it was an Ellison’s Orange. This is a well known traditional English dessert apple, closely related to Cox’s Orange Pippin, but with a notably juicier flesh and an attractive orange flush. The old tree will soon have to be felled after which we should be perhaps buy replacement from our funds. Something to be discussed at the AGM perhaps?

Still nothing heard about the outcome of the  second Casa Mia planning application. Based on the time it took for the last submission we should hear of the Council’s decision next month. In the meanwhile the owners seem to have been working almost every day on the old house, not sure why!

More things are due to happen in the wood this month, most of which we are not involved in. The lobster pot seat is due to arrive shortly (19th)  and next week TCV will be shifting 6 tons of building material, at present on the far side of the tunnel, to the beehive area ready for Simon to get to work at the end of the month. Finally  the Woodland Trust are going to conduct a 10 day survey of visitors to the wood over the next month, we are not quite sure why we have not been asked to organise this ……Our next Working Party is on 6th July which is also one of their survey days so we might find out more!

Thanks to Chris for this newsletter



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