Jun 10 2019

Fish, trees and BBQs

The Faughan Valley volunteers were out in force learning about how fish grow on trees with our partner Loughs Agency in our Oaks Wood. Lionel from Loughs Agency (and WT volunteer) gave a training session on kick sampling training (getting into the river, disturbing the beasties on the river bed recording what you find) and electro fishing. We learnt that the lifecycle of fish including the salmon and lamprey eel we caught, depend on trees and woods providing food sources, keeping the waters cool and clean.

This is all part of our Faughan Valley Treescape project; our project officer Bronagh has been doing fantastic work in galvanising the volunteers into a multi-skilled and enthusiastic task force who do everything from tree planting (of course) to biological surveying and path maintenance. The partnership with Loughs Agency and NI Water has seen the planting of over 15,000 trees in the riparian zones of the Faughan catchment.

But it’s not all work and no play, Bronagh also showed off her culinary skills laying on a BBQ as part of a thank you to all the Faughan Valley volunteers who have been so supportive of our work to date, we couldn’t do it without them!

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