Volunteers looking at newly planted trees at Langley Vale Wood
Jun 06 2019

Langley Vale – car park approved!

We are delighted that last night we overcame a huge hurdle for our plans at Langley Vale Wood – getting planning permission for a car park! 

This is huge news for us as the team have been working tirelessly to get this application through since it was first submitted back in December 2017.

It’s been a long road but we’re now in a great position going into the next planning meetings. Langley Vale Wood sits across three local authorities, so while the car park is agreed, we still need to go through the same process for other elements including paths, memorial sculptures, a natural play area and a visitor centre. The next council meetings aren’t until July, which gives us time to catch our breath (and give everyone involved a pat on the back) before we bring our focus back to getting the remaining applications approved.


Thanks to the LVW project team, Carol Honeybun-Kelly, Ruth Marshall and site team Simon Bateman-Brown and Kate Harvey for their tireless work in getting us to this position, as well as a huge thanks also goes to the volunteer family who came along to the committee meeting last night to support our application and who give their time in so many ways to support the site!


Onwards and upwards!


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