Jun 05 2019

1000 Observatree Reports!

Observatree volunteers have now submitted 1000 records this year, smashing our annual target, it is great to reach this so early in the year. This is a huge contribution to tree health across the UK so a huge thank you to all our volunteers who have given up their time. The Observatree dataset is quickly becoming robust and powerful in its own right, well done everyone! 


Observatree volunteers are tasked with carrying out tree health surveys and asked to submit 12 reports a year. The project is led by Forest Research and partners include; the Woodland Trust, National Trust, Forestry Commission, and Natural Resource Wales among others. The high levels of engagement this year is due to a large recruitment drive of a cohort of new and enthusiastic volunteers, and of course our existing volunteers. They are currently undergoing training across the UK so we should see even more survey reports flooding in soon!

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