Jun 03 2019

Happy Volunteers’ Week from Joyden’s Wood!

It’s Volunteers’ Week 2019! How will you be celebrating? For those of you don’t know, the week runs from 1-7 June each year and is an initiative to recognise the AMAZING contribution that volunteers make to organisations all over the UK. Of course, the Woodland Trust has nearly 500 volunteers in the SE, who are busy in various ways that stand up for woods and trees and we can’t thank you enough!




The Joyden’s Wood Working Group, based in Kent, started the party early with a visit on Wednesday, 29th May, to Lesnes Abbey in the London borough of Bexley. Some of the Lesnes Abbey volunteers had visited Joyden’s earlier in 2019 and so Assistant Site Manager, Claire Inglis, organised the trip to both return the favour but also to learn more about how this special site is managed. It was a fantastic morning and the group enjoyed a tour from Ian Holt, who manages the estate.  If you’ve never been, it is well worth a visit!


Thanks to the Joyden’s Wood volunteers, an established group who have been operating for several decades, for all that you do and, of course, Happy Volunteers Week to all of our fabulous SE volunteers! Stay tuned for news of other things happening to mark the occasion!


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