May 28 2019

Radley Plantation – Balsam Bashing

Choosing a May Bank Holiday to hold an event, in hindsight was probably not a great idea and volunteer numbers were half (if not more) than usual.

This however, turned out not to be so bad after all. The fruits of our efforts last June when we undertook our first volunteer Balsam bashing event was there for all to see. A conservative estimate would be a reduction of over 70% on the year before and four volunteers made light work of what was there.




During our walk home a few new areas of Balsam were discovered and these will become the groups focus in the coming weeks before access is made all the more difficult from the nettles.


In addition, there was a small amount of litter from camp fires that needed cleaned up and removed from site. Group volunteers are currently looking at means of engaging with the community to try and educate and hopefully mitigate this type of behavior in the future, I expect this will prove more troublesome than the Balsam………watch this space!


For anyone WT members elsewhere who wishes to join our group or simply keep abreast or share ideas, our Facebook group page is;


Jon Parr- Group Leader, Radley Plantation



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