May 24 2019

TLC for Tubes and heave ho for mini sitkas

The Kinclaven Bluebell Wood Woodland Working Group were back in action last weekend with a session to secure trees and their tubes planted last autumn, and to remove sitka, beech and larch regeneration within the existing woodland.


Some of the tubes had gone decidedly wonky, and some were raised up off the ground so that voles could have been able to get in to munch the newly planted saplings.  Volunteers sorted this, working in a cleverly coordinated wave through the plantation with hammers, stakes and ties in hand.



It was lovely to see the bonus of native annuals such as field pansy thriving in the fresh soil planting mounds.




Then it was on to pulling non-native ‘regen’.  The aim of this is to enable native tree species a chance to establish in the areas where Norway Spruce currently dominates.  We expect the Norway Spruce to eventually disappear through natural loss such as wind blow, and we want an understory of native trees ready to thrive once they do.  We saw plenty of rowan and oak seedlings coming up, which is great!




There is no stopping the Kinclaven Group and they really have made a massive contribution to actively conserving and expanding this very precious site.  Thanks an absolute billion to all the members of the group and to the very dedicated Woodland Working Group leaders who make it all happen and happen so safely.



Matilda Scharsach

Scotland Volunteering Development Officer



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