May 21 2019

New: Woodland Trust Podcasts

The new Woodland Trust podcast is now available on iTunes! Please tune in, whether on the morning commute, cooking dinner or pottering about in the garden…

Our debut series, ‘Woodland Walks’, will let listeners explore some of the greatest woods, forests and sites in the Woodland Trust estate. Hosted by the brilliant Adam Shaw we aim to let people discover the stories and characters that make many of our key woods so special, emphasising the importance of our members, supporters and volunteers in everything we do.

In the first episode, Adam explores Heartwood – joined on his travels by CEO Beccy Speight along with Tim Wright and Brian Legg, some of the amazing volunteers who’ve had a huge hand in creating England’s largest new native woodland.

As the series progresses, Adam will visit other Woodland Trust sites right across the UK. We’ll meet site managers, magnificent volunteers and others. Big thanks to Kerrie Jenkins for her support in producing the series.

You can listen to the podcast on the apple podcast library and/or listen via iTunes:

We’ll also be working to export the series on other distribution lists like Google Play, and our excellent social team will be promoting the show throughout on our own channels. Watch out for the series on the new website after September.

Our debut runs in at around 45-minutes, while future episodes will average around 30-mins.

Please do have a listen and let the content team know what you think. And *please* rate us, leave a review and subscribe.

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