Inside a tube with grass removed.
May 16 2019

Tube and Post Re-Fix at Four Lane Ends Wood in County Durham

A busy day at the Four Lane Ends Wood.

15th May 2019 : The 5 person team of volunteers have spent a busy day working in the wood which was planted a few years ago on an exposed hill near Consett in the beautiful North West of County Durham. The team worked through the wood identifying stakes and tubes which were leaning out of the vertical, due to either high winds or poor soil for the stakes to grip.  Once a tube had been identified, we released the two zip ties and lifted the tube about 300mm to show any ingrowing grass which was carefully pulled out. Once that was clear we installed the stake in a vertical position close to the tube, we then slid the tube back into place – being careful not to trap the tree with the zip tie. Leaving the top of the stake about 50mm higher than the upper zip tie with its end bent back and making sure that the bottom of the tube was firmly in the ground to avoid damage to the base.

Tubes showing some bending over. Grass growing inside the tube. Grass removed from the inside of the tube. Zip ties re fixed and tied down.A clean tube and a healthy young oak.

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