May 16 2019

Save our bluebells at Heartwood

Spring sees the emergence of bluebells, which are a beautiful addition to many of our woodlands. We invite everybody to enjoy this amazing floral spectacle which sees the woodland floor carpeted in vibrant blue flora. Langley Wood is one of the woods at Heartwood Forest where bluebells can be seen and it is a very popular place for people to walk.


Sadly in the past the activity of a few over-enthusiastic visitors has had a negative impact on the woods, with the bluebells being walked on and trampled, picked and damaged. Once a patch of bluebells has been destroyed it takes up to 5 years for recovery and regeneration.


Therefore action needed to be taken to protect the bluebells and an elite team of volunteers supported Woodland Trust staff to do this as part of the ‘Save our Bluebells’ campaign. Turning up to the wood every weekend from the end of March to the beginning of May, volunteers welcomed visitors to the wood, talked about the bluebells and explained why it was necessary to protect them.  Visitors were keen to learn more about the bluebells and kindly stuck to the designated pathways as it was easy to see the impacts of trampling in certain areas of Langley Wood. Visitors were reminded to keep their dogs on leads and they understood why it was important not to pick the bluebells.


George Lewis, the Visitor Experience Officer for Hainault and Heartwood, and the coordinator of the ‘Save our bluebells’ campaign said: “Again team Heartwood has pulled together! The battle lines were drawn between those who want to consume nature and those who want to appreciate it. Over a dozen volunteers took part in the campaign with many more helping out whenever they were on site. Hopefully over the coming years we will be able to see the regeneration in action but until then, a continued thank you for all your hard work”



Many thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers who supported this campaign.


Amanda Brookes – Volunteer Development Officer: Central region

Photo Credit – Feature image and insert image: Bluebell Woods at Heartwood Forest by Judith Parry

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