May 16 2019

City Nature Challenge

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the 4-day City Nature Challenge 2 weekends ago – we managed to register over 5,000 records (observations) across the Greater Manchester region, covering 800+ species!

We came 6th in Europe and were respectably mid-table globally, which considering the shocking weather on our 2 busiest event days (all still went ahead, kudos!) I think we should be very proud of.

We almost matched London (in their 2nd year) and beat Leicester & North-east England amongst many others. However Merseyside beat us on the key metrics, with 12,000 observations and 1,000+ species (we did manage more ‘observers’ though), while top European entry Bristol/Bath (also in their 2nd year) submitted over 15,000 observations. Room for improvement next year Greater Manchester J

For anyone interested in looking in more detail, here are links to our ‘Project’ (showing a breakdown of the recorders, species and a bit further down location of records on a map) and the overall global results: – Greater Manchester Results – Global results

We seem to be doing Ok for blackbirds at least J There were great contributions from many GMLRC recorders (c1000 records) and Rochdale Field Naturalists (c600), fun events arranged by Manchester Museum, Lancs Wildlife Trust, The RSPB, City of Trees, Woodland Trust, Manchester & Salford council and many Friends groups, and a herculean botanical effort by David & Joyce Earl (1,200 records to the west of Bolton)!

Here’s to next year

Thanks, Stuart Fraser, Greater Manchester Ecology Unit

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